By Docupace · May 14, 2015

Docupace and Security Snapshot to Extend Cyber-Security Management Solutions for Financial Services Firms

SEC/FINRA Compliant and Secure Straight-Through Processing Platform and Security Solutions Provider to Deliver Holistic Cyber-Security for Broker-Dealers and RIAs LOS ANGELES – (MAY 13, 2015) – Docupace Technologies, LLC (“Docupace”), a provider of SEC/FINRA-compliant paperless processing systems, announced today that it is joining with leading computer security services company Security Snapshot, LLC (“Security Snapshot”) to deliver comprehensive […]
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By Docupace · May 29, 2012

To Back Scan or Not to Back Scan….That is the Question

When you begin using Docupace (or frankly any imaging solution), one of the first questions you should ask is “Am I only going to scan in my ‘day forward’ (new documents) or am I also going to scan in my old documents “? If the answer is “New and old”, you will be quickly kicking off […]
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By Docupace · Mar 19, 2012

Electronic Signatures: How to Navigate the Last Mile for Your Firm

Tom Embrogno's article "Electronic Signatures: How to Navigate the Last Mile for Your Firm" was recently spotlighted in Technology Tools for Today March 2012 Newsletter. To learn more about this very hot topic, download a reprint of the article here.
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By Docupace · Jun 28, 2011

WFG Integrates Front and Back Office Workflow with Docupace ePACS® Solution.

“Docupace is a welcome addition to our technology platform, allowing us to continue to provide our independent Financial Professionals with a competitive edge in a fast paced and regulated industry,” said Wilson Williams, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Williams Financial Group. “Our goal was to create immediate operational efficiencies, reduce costs, improve service and […]
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By Docupace · Jun 20, 2011

SEC OKs controversial registration plan for back-office workers

This was in a recent article in Investment News by Dan Jamieson. The Securities and Exchange Commission yesterday approved a plan by the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority Inc. that will create a new operations professional license, with a qualification exam and continuing-education requirements. The new rule marks a substantial expansion of registration requirements to include […]
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By Docupace · May 30, 2011

Worry-Free Straight-Through-Processing

While many Broker-Dealers have some form of electronic workflow process in place, it is often contained within the walls of the home or field office. Traditional workflow solutions achieve only “part-through processing,” almost inevitably resulting in delays and mistakes caused by waiting for physical signatures on documents and the laborious step-by-step approval process of paper […]
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