Straight Through Processing Whitepaper – Rethink the Way You Do Business for Wealth Management

straight through processing whitepaper
Data-Driven, Formless Account Opening Is a Game-Changer for Wealth Management Firms

Filling out paperwork is always a hassle. Writing the same information again and again, trying to understand opaque instructions, making sure you’ve got form 2056-AB and not 2065-BA — it’s enough to drive anyone a little crazy.

In wealth management, those problems are magnified. Paperwork issues can negatively affect the client experience, frustrate advisors, and increase workloads in the home office.

Financial advisors need to walk clients through stacks of forms, manually completing fields and collecting signatures. Pull the wrong forms or miss an essential field, and you run into compliance issues that slow down business and decrease profitability.

The Solution: Docupace Start

What if your advisors had access to an easy-to-use wizard-type experience to open any new accounts and onboard clients to ensure it’s complete, correct, and compliant – the first time?  Broker Dealers that enable end-to-end digital account opening and formless client onboarding not only see a reduction in paperwork and processing errors, but also experience increased efficiency and better profit margins!

Check out our Free Straight Through Processing Whitepaper for Wealth Management to learn more about  Docupace Start.

straight through processing whitepaper


Make sure your business is ready for a changing world.

digital operations for Broker Dealers

How was St. Petersburg-based Raymond James able to withstand Hurricane Irma without losing a day of business? How do other leading broker-dealers protect themselves from threats of bad weather, data breach, and regulatory changes?

The benefits of digitizing documents and digital operations for Broker Dealers goes way beyond saving time and money. Digital operations help broker-dealers become more resilient in almost every capacity. In this whitepaper, we break down what digital operations are and detail how they can help protect broker-dealers from:


Learn how to prevent disaster and take advantage of future opportunities, check out our free whitepaper!

Electronic signature legislation is evolving the way business and commercial transactions are conducted. With the rise in electronic communication and desire among many to “go paperless,” it was only a matter of time before signing paper to indicate your agreement or approval of something would become an antiquated process.

The key to circumventing challenges around the enormous volume of advisors moving from one investment firm to another is to understand the regulations and protocols involved with doing so. It’s a matter of staying abreast with the ever-shifting landscape of regulatory rules and compliance requirements. New solutions are available to streamline and simplify the process.


We were promised a paperless office years ago–exactly 40 years ago. Not only was this prediction wrong, the fact of the matter is that offices have been producing more paper documents over the years, not less. The financial industry has access to innovations that allow for end-to-end Straight-Through Processing transactions. It can be done now, securely and entirely SEC/FINRA compliant.