When you begin using Docupace (or frankly any imaging solution), one of the first questions you should ask is “Am I only going to scan in my ‘day forward’ (new documents) or am I also going to scan in my old documents “? If the answer is New and old”, you will be quickly kicking off a Back Scanning project. Before starting this project however, it is important you answer some key questions:

  1. When will you start back scanning: Immediately, wait a few months, etc.?
  2. Who will do it: Existing staff, temp, outsource, etc?
  3. When will they (staff) do it: An hour a day, full time to completion, 2 clients a week, etc.?
  4. Do I have the right scanner: Should I purchase a new scanner or use what I have?
  5. How will they do it? Remove staples, organize files, remove ‘dead’ files/accounts, etc.?
  6. What are the financials around the project: What are the cost benefit of keeping the old documents versus time spent scanning and destroying?
  7. How do I want to organize the electronic files: Lots of detail or less detail for older documents?

As you can see, there are many questions that should be considered PRIOR to starting a back scan project. Having this plan detailed in advance will guarantee you not only an attainable goal set, but more importantly an achievable success. The concept of any good back scan operation is to define a repeatable procedure that helps you process a high volume of documents-within a logical organizational setup, in as short of time as possible.

Failure to do that could create major headaches, project cost overruns and/or failed projects in it entirety.

We have designed a white paper for clients looking to back scan. If you don’t have a copy please ask for one. It will save you countless hours of work, dollars and frustration.

Docupace is the Single-Vendor, Straight-Through Processing Platform for All Your Back Office Needs. Docupace Technologies provides Broker-Dealers and financial advisors with easy to use business software to satisfy all your back office books and records including Rule 17a-3 and Rule 17a-4 processing needs, delivered in one SEC and FINRA compliant platform. The ePACS© Productivity Suite is popular among financial services professionals because of its simplicity. All ePACS© software integrates quickly and without hassle into any pre-existing system, and the results are almost immediate. Getting started is simple and straightforward, and account specialists are assigned at no extra charge to help you along the way. ePACS© is Straight-Through processing in a box, built for financial service firms. True Straight-Through processing means that all steps along the way are workflow-enabled, decreasing the likelihood of errors and delays.

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