Docupace’s Enhanced Mobile Platform Combines Cyber Security Services with a More Fluid, Flexible Straight-Through Processing Experience–While Securely Connecting Documents and Data to the Cloud

LOS ANGELES, Jan. 23, 2017 — Docupace Technologies, LLC has launched its ePACS Connect technology platform, which is a new technology release of the firm’s ePACS Productivity Suite with additional features and cyber security services to help Broker-Dealers, RIAs and their affiliated advisors build a stronger cyber-compliant foundation and optimize their business operations with secure, paperless processing from start to finish.

“We’ve worked with our clients and regulators to develop and refine our innovative solutions which provide a fluid and flexible straight-through processing experience across a financial services company’s entire organization. These latest platform enhancements reflect the more than 100,000 hours we have invested to improve best practices for financial services firms,” said Michael Pinsker, CEO and President of Docupace Technologies. “The new ePACS Connect functionalities turbocharge workflows so that advisors can digitally, and securely, process New Account Opening and Account Maintenance for all lines of business along with other mission-critical work items like Advertising Review, Advisor On-boarding, Account Transitions and more. Our solution set is the most widely-used in the industry and with our integrations of dozens of popular advisor tools and vibrant user community, we have developed a virtual eco-system of best practices that drive compliance and cost savings. We have also infused cyber security services into ePACS Connect so that firms can protect client data, securely store documents, and remain in compliance with SEC and FINRA rules.”

The ePACS Connect platform can be configured to leverage solutions specific to a firm’s goals and needs including new built-in cyber security and transaction processing features such as:

  • SmartForms Technology: ePACS Connect comes with a library of SmartForms that are infused with business rules that drive data validations. Fields that are filled out incorrectly, are missing information, and/or do not meet regulatory standards are automatically flagged for correction at the beginning of the process. Leveraging our secure APIs, data can be harvested from other sources through secure integrations, and used to simplify the data entry process. Data is automatically saved and can be used in other downstream systems.
  • Centralized Document Vault: ePACS Connect can consolidate and organize a firm’s books and records within a secure digital vault that meets the demands of SEC Reg. 17(a)3 and 17(a)4, HIPAA. Users can easily find and review stored documents as the need arises, and securely workflow or scan new documents for storage in the vault.
  • Cyber Encryption: Devices, Data and Documents are secured through encryption with ePACS Connect. PII & SPI are protected from security threats.
  • Cyber Security Monitoring & Reporting: ePACS Connect includes continuous and confidential monitoring and reporting to provide front-line defense that helps computers stay compliant with your cyber security policies. Our systems evaluate each computer on a daily basis and report its status as well as any steps necessary to bring the device into compliance.
  • Greater Mobility: The ePACS Connect platform can be accessed securely through mobile devices, enabling users to conduct business in a paperless fashion from any location.
  • Vendor Risk Assessments: ePACS Connect users can conduct vendor risk assessments prior to contracting with third-party vendors to ensure these organizations have necessary measures in place to protect sensitive client and account information.

ePACS Connect also leverages a new user interface for advisors and firms for a faster and more efficient recordkeeping experience for all business lines. The enhanced interface offers thorough tracking and search functions that help prepare users for the rigors of compliance audits. These features include:

  • A new dashboard where advisors can quickly view all assigned work items, along with their statuses and locations.
  • Split screens that make data entry easier and more reliable.
  • New customizable dashlets that provide quick totals.
  • Flexible search features that make it easier to retrieve documents.
  • New icons that deliver quick access to document-editing functionalities.
  • Fewer clicks to access your most important features and functions.

“Advisors want to spend time on value-added tasks with their clients. But in order to have those high-value interactions, they need the support of thorough, efficient systems that can take care of the less glamorous, time-consuming, and albeit necessary business processing workload that comes with being a successful advisor,” said Mr. Pinsker. “The ePACS Connect platform makes paperless straight-through processing and cyber security protection a breeze from start to finish, while giving advisors peace of mind that they have a secure, easily accessible document trail in today’s highly regulated environment.”

About Docupace
Docupace Technologies, LLC pioneered and implemented SEC/FINRA-compliant Straight-through Processing technology for financial services companies. Docupace’s cybersecurity and document management and workflow solutions simplify the process of capturing, organizing, routing and accessing information for broker-dealers and registered investment advisors (RIAs) that, under new government regulations, must keep thorough, secure records of documents that explain how they formulated recommendations that are in the best interests of investors. Docupace’s innovative products have been proven to significantly reduce not-in-good-order (NIGO) conditions on document processing submissions for financial services companies.

Docupace currently services over 1 billion stored documents from more than 500 Broker Dealers and RIAs. For more information, please follow @docupace.