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Vanderbilt Financial Group Commits to Continuing Entirely Paperless Business Model with Docupace Technologies

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Vanderbilt Ushers in New Smart and Green Era for the Financial Services Industry with Docupace’s Straight Through Processing Technology

LOS ANGELES – (November 12, 2014)-Vanderbilt Financial Group announced that it will continue its near-decade long commitment to reduce inefficiencies and waste in the financial services industry with Docupace Technologies. Vanderbilt, an industry leader in green initiatives, will continue to deploy Docupace’s paperless technology solutions to facilitate all of its business processing needs.

Vanderbilt and Docupace’s partnership was born three years ago, out of Vanderbilt”s CEO & Chairman Stephan Distante”s need to deploy an entirely integrated, turn-key straight-through-processing paperless business solution. The partnership enabled Vanderbilt to eliminate Broker-Dealer inefficiencies, such as processing documents via mail or resubmitting documents “not in good order” while at the same time make environmentally responsible business choices, namely, keeping all document processing paperless. The firm committed to continue utilizing Docupace’s technology for the coming year and beyond, as part of its long-term focus on steering the financial services industry toward embracing environmental responsibility and business efficiency.

“We are passionate about making our business smarter and greener,” said Distante. “Not only is the paperless business model efficient and environmentally friendly, but Docupace enables us be more secure for client confidentiality, compliant with industry regulations, and conduct error-free interactions with our clients and employees. The industry will be embracing this‚Äînowhere else can all of the many pieces of business processes come together so seamlessly.”

Docupace’s ePACS© platform is part of an overall green-focused business strategy that Vanderbilt will expand in 2015. Following the LEED certification awarded for their corporate headquarters, given for the company”s rigorous green building standards, the firm is also in the process of applying for B Corp status to demonstrate its commitment to changing the way business impacts the environment.

“Vanderbilt is truly a visionary in their commitment to transforming how the financial services industry impacts the environment and community,” said Tom Embrogno, Chief Growth Officer of Docupace. “Our ePACS© platform can handle every part of the process digitally, securely and in compliance, from capturing checks to digital signatures. We are proud to do our part in helping firms to be smart about how they do business.”

Docupace’s Chief Growth Officer, Tom Embrogno will be speaking at Vanderbilt”s Sales & Compliance Conference on November 13th in Woodbury, New York.

About Docupace Technologies

Based in Los Angeles, Docupace Technologies (Docupace) is the premier provider of secure and compliant electronic processing platform for financial institutions and the wealth management industry. The company created and implemented the financial industry”s first web-based SEC/FINRA compliant Straight-Through-Processing (STP) technology service. The company”s document management and workflow solutions simplify the process of capturing, organizing, routing and accessing information. Docupace was first-to-market with patent-pending technologies that serve the largest financial service providers and their advisors who, driven by increased levels competition, privacy issues, document protection and government regulation, are adopting the company”s document management and workflow solutions in order to sustain profitability and audit-risk assurance.For more information, visit www.docupace.com.

About Vanderbilt Financial Group

Vanderbilt Financial Group is a Broker-Dealer who provides full service financial planning meaning they look at the whole picture as well as specializing in the individual pieces. Their mission is to provide the best opportunities, services, and technology for their dedicated representatives. Their firm commitment to representative efficiency and satisfaction has enabled them to bring success, stability and balance to all of their representatives businesses. Vanderbilt is built on a foundation of unmatched industry expertise; they offer a unique combination of innovative solutions to help independent investment professionals and their clients reach new levels of success. They”re a community of individuals that discuss, share and inspire each other. They live and breathe a shared value of remarkable service, and provide independent advisors, the support needed to grow and run their business like never before.

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