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Wealth Management | 7/14/2017 | Michael Pinsker

Managing data on a single cloud-based platform makes it far easier to protect.

As cyber-attacks continue to grow in sophistication and global scope, protecting clients’ sensitive financial information from hackers—while adhering to evolving financial services industry regulations—is more critical than ever. Broker-dealers and RIAs that suffer data breaches are not only subject to regulatory fines and investigations, but also permanent damage to their reputations.

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About Docupace
Docupace Technologies, LLC pioneered and implemented SEC/FINRA-compliant Straight-through Processing technology for financial services companies. Docupace’s cybersecurity and document management and workflow solutions simplify the process of capturing, organizing, routing and accessing information for broker-dealers and registered investment advisors (RIAs) that, under new government regulations, must keep thorough, secure records of documents that explain how they formulated recommendations that are in the best interests of investors. Docupace’s innovative products have been proven to significantly reduce not-in-good-order (NIGO) conditions on document processing submissions for financial services companies.

Docupace currently services over 1 billion stored documents from more than 500 Broker Dealers and RIAs. For more information, please follow @docupace.