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PreciseFP is a mobile-friendly, data-gathering platform that provides financial advisors more time to meet with clients, create financial plans, and grow their business by removing all the “leg work” of collecting financial data.

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  • Fact Finders
  • Lead Generation
  • Custodial Forms
  • Risk Tolerance & IPS
  • Template Library
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Explore the Impact of PreciseFP

The Fundamentals of Client Data Gathering

Explore how to provide a seamless client experience from the start with the right digital tools for gathering client data.

New Methods to Engage Clients & Prospects

Dive into the different features of the PreciseFP platform and how your firm can take advantage of these solutions.

Client Onboarding in Wealth Management with PreciseFP

New Account Opening, Automation, and the Future of Client Onboarding