Advisor Onboarding


Getting a new advisor off on the right foot with your firm starts with an efficient and painless onboarding experience. Docupace’s compliant electronic Advisor OnBoarding will save your firm and reps time and eliminate hassle when changing Broker-Dealers or RIAs.

Our one of a kind solution streamlines the process and provides for a secure and compliant process that you can track each step of the way. Docupace’s secure cloud infrastructure delivers an electronic workflow and filing system that streamlines the onboarding process, keeps the process efficient, eliminates the need for ink-signed forms, emails, faxes and mail, and on-boards reps in half the time and in good order.


  • Maintain advisor files electronically
  • Enhance recruiting
  • Eliminate NIGOs
  • Enjoy faster and smoother on-boarding
  • Streamline and manage the process, eliminating extra paperwork
  • Centralize all advisor-related documents and data in a SEC/FINRA compliant manner
  • Accelerate deployment with pre-built workflow
  • Get expert assistance with system setup
  • Cut labor and work hours
  • Eliminate risk of unauthorized access to sensitive advisor information
  • Experience a hassle-free process