Centralized Vault


In an environment where the frequency and intensity of SEC and FINRA audits continue to escalate, compliance staff using Centralized Vault can fulfill auditor document requests quickly, cleanly and without incident.

How It Works 
Centralized Vault consolidates all company books and records — physical and digital — and then organizes the information within a secure, organized, digital vault. With Centralized Vault, staff can conveniently store, review and recall documents to serve daily operational needs and mitigate the risk of non-compliance with FINRA, SEC and state audits that are inherent in a paper filing system or scattered database repositories.


  • Satisfies All SEC Third Party Download Provider Requirements
  • Helps to Maintain Compliance and Avoid Fines
  • Provides Government Grade Security and Encryption
  • Monitors and Logs Every User and Workflow Action, Which Can Be Easily Recalled
  • Enables the Majority of Branch Audits to be Done from a Home Office‚ When an Auditor Does go Onsite, Time Can be Spent on Proactive Training Rather Than Shuffling Through Paper.
  • Makes It Easy to Deliver Proofed Reports to Auditors in Minutes (Instead of Trying to Tie Together Data and Timestamps Across Multiple Systems)
  • Enables Compliance Staff to Have a 360-Degree View of All Documents Across the Organization
  • Makes It Possible for Compliance Staff to Restrict Access to Any Part of the System Based on Roles and Visibility Rules
  • Consolidates Scattered and Incompatible Document Storage Solutions
  • Reduces Filing and Document Retrieval Time