Smart Forms


SmartForms Technology: 

  • Docupace Smart Forms come with a library standard forms and option to add customs forms. All the forms are infused with business rules that drive data validations. Fields that are filled out incorrectly, or missing information, and/or do not meet regulatory standards are automatically flagged for correction at the beginning of the process. Leveraging our secure APIs, data can be harvested from other sources through secure integrations, and used to simplify the data entry process. Data is automatically saved and can be used in other downstream systems.

Smart Forms also leverages a new user interface for advisors and firms for a faster and more efficient recordkeeping experience for all business lines. The enhanced interface offers thorough tracking and search functions that helps prepare users for the rigors of a compliance audits. These features include:

  • A new dashboard where advisors can quickly view all assigned work items, along with their statuses and locations.
  • Split screens that make data entry easier and more reliable.
  • New customizable dashlets that provide quick totals.
  • Flexible search features that make it easier to retrieve documents.
  • New icons that deliver quick access to document-editing functionalities.
  • Fewer clicks to access your most important features and functions.