Straight-Through Processing Network FAQ

What is the Docupace Straight-Through Processing (STP) Network? A SEC/FINRA compliant, paperless office strategy comprised of an interconnected network enabling Broker/Dealers, RIAs, investment providers and advisors to process all their business documents and back-office workflows securely and electronically.

The future for all financial services business is Straight-Through Processing.

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So, How Does the
Docupace STP Network “Work”?

1) The advisor meets with the client, gathers data and enters into a CRM or directly into Docupace’s ePACS application.

2) Advisor launches Starting Point (Docupace’s e-forms wizard) which selects the appropriate forms and pulls data from the CRM tool to populate all required forms. Since all of the forms have edits and validations, you’re ensured your forms will be “in good order.”

3) If the client has a check to process, the advisor can scan the check using Remit Pro. Remit Pro captures the checking data, automatically processing the funds.

4) The Advisor sends the forms electronically to the client for e-signatures or has the client e-sign the form in the advisor’s office (wet signatures are optional).

5) The signed forms are processed by Docupace’s ePACS solution. ePACS validates the data and e-signatures for compliance and routes to the supervisor for approval.

6) The supervisor e-signs approval as required and approves documents online (providing the BD/RIA approval). The BD/RIA now has all forms and data captured in their books and records system.

7) After BD/RIA approval, the forms, data, e-signatures and funding data are routed electronically to the RIA Custodian.

8) The RIA Custodian electronically confirms back to the BD/RIA and advisor that the account has been opened, with a new account number where applicable…Learn More Here

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