Imagine a Complete Digital Transformation

Realize explosive gains in operational efficiency, productivity, and profits by engaging Docupace and enabling a digital workplace for your entire organization.
Import CRM Data Docupace
Elevate the Advisor Experience

Make it easy and save time for advisors to onboard clients, open new accounts, receive commissions, and more with a completely digital process.

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Work Smarter and Faster

Improve the efficiency of your entire processing life-cycle by automating critical time consuming administrative and compliance processes.

Integrate Data Docupace
Transform Business Operations

Boost productivity and eliminate costly errors by implementing best practice automated workflows developed with the latest technology and compliance standards.

Paperless Process Docupace
Reduce Compliance Risks and Costs

Reduce your risk and compliance complexity, while realizing an increase in profits by streamlining your compliance workflows and business rules.

Unified Workflow and Document Management Automation Solution

With the Docupace Digital Operations Platform, automating client onboarding, document management, advisor transitions, and beyond is paperless, fast, and error-free.
Smart Forms Workflow Process Docupace
Smart Forms and Workflow Engine
All the forms necessary for completing a transaction are pre-populated with the latest client information from your CRM or workstation, giving advisors more time to spend with clients.
Built-in Compliant Checks Docupace
Built-In SEC/FINRA Compliance Checks
Any errors or incomplete forms are automatically detected, eliminating NIGO submissions and paving the way for explosive improvements in operational efficiency.
Document Storage & Integrations Docupace
End-to-End Storage and Integrations
Forms are electronically signed, recorded, processed, confirmed, tracked, and transmitted, all within minutes thanks to integrations with the tools already in your ecosystem.

See Your Immediate Savings

Our customers save 72% on average with automating new account opening…
How many minutes do you, or your assistant, spend processing each application?
What is the average hourly rate? ($)
What is your NIGO rate? (%)
How many applications do you process each month? (%)
Your current annual processing cost
Annual savings with Docupace
Saved over 5 years with Docupace

Burden reduction: 65%
Burden reduction is the expected efficiency rate when using the Docupace fully digital account opening system vs. traditional account opening.

NIGO Rate with Docupace: 8%
Not In Good Order – The percentage of applications that do not get fully processed the first time due to errors or missing information.



Docupace provides the Account Opening Value Calculator (“STP Savings Calculator”) as a service to help prospective customers analyze potential cost savings when leveraging the Docupace Suite. The estimates provided by the STP Savings Calculator are only provided as a guide to help you determine whether you desire to pursue further investigation of straight-through processing options with Docupace. STP Savings Calculator ONLY PROVIDES ESTIMATES. SUCH ESTIMATES ARE NOT A GUARANTEE OF COST SAVINGS. A NUMBER OF OTHER FACTORS MAY AFFECT YOUR ACTUAL COSTS AND SAVINGS, AND YOUR ACTUAL RESULTS MAY DIFFER.

Centralized Control From Any Office

The process of opening and managing new client accounts involves many parties and intense regulatory scrutiny. That adds up to stacks of paperwork and frustrating delays associated with even the smallest error.

The Docupace Platform transforms this process by moving it to the cloud, eliminating paperwork, ensuring SEC/FINRA compliance, and accelerating timelines from days to minutes.

Who Benefits from Docupace?

Broker Dealears
Process business quicker and communicate better, so you can increase efficiency and profit.
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Broker Dealears
Increase transparency among all parties to minimize errors and advisor frustrations.
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Broker Dealears
Do your job better with less paperwork, so you can make clients happy and receive commissions faster.
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Software & Solutions To Increase Your Operational Efficiency, Productivity, and Profit

Our highly configurable platform can be tailored to suit your needs - and you can add on additional functionality and business process workflows as you grow.

Why Our Customers Choose Docupace

Works With The Tools You Already Use

Improve your workflow and boost your efficiency and productivity by connecting to our integrations.
Works With The Tools You Already Use
Driving Straight-Through Processing for the Financial Services Industry
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Driving Straight-Through Processing for the Financial Services Industry
We were promised a paperless office years ago. However, offices have been producing more paper documents over the years, not less. The financial services industry now has access to secure and SEC/FINRA compliant solutions that allow for end-to-end Straight-Through Processing transactions.