A Comprehensive, Customizable
Digital Operations Solution

The Docupace Platform is a suite of paperless tools designed to help you complete your work faster, more securely, and with fewer errors.

Onboard new clients faster

Onboard new clients faster with less manual work and dramatically reduce NIGO rates.

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Store your documents securely

Store your documents in a secure cloud-based vault and always be prepared for an audit.

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Empower incoming advisors

Empower incoming financial advisors to transition their book of business in as little as 30 days.

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Additional solutions

Onboard advisors, review advertisements, take advantage of alternative investments, and more.

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Calculate Your Savings

How much could you save when you use Docupace for client onboarding?
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What is the average hourly rate? ($)
What is your NIGO rate? (%)
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Annual savings with Docupace
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Burden reduction: 65%
Burden reduction is the expected efficiency rate when using the Docupace fully digital account opening system vs. traditional account opening.

NIGO Rate with Docupace: 8%
Not In Good Order – The percentage of applications that do not get fully processed the first time due to errors or missing information.



Docupace provides the Account Opening Value Calculator (“STP Savings Calculator”) as a service to help prospective customers analyze potential cost savings when leveraging the Docupace Suite. The estimates provided by the STP Savings Calculator are only provided as a guide to help you determine whether you desire to pursue further investigation of straight-through processing options with Docupace. STP Savings Calculator ONLY PROVIDES ESTIMATES. SUCH ESTIMATES ARE NOT A GUARANTEE OF COST SAVINGS. A NUMBER OF OTHER FACTORS MAY AFFECT YOUR ACTUAL COSTS AND SAVINGS, AND YOUR ACTUAL RESULTS MAY DIFFER.

Centralized Control From Any Office

With a centralized and secured cloud-based platform for managing documents and processing paperwork, broker-dealers and RIAs can eliminate the frustrating communications breakdowns that occur between advisors, home offices, and regional locations.

Using the Docupace Platform, advisors can track their business as it’s being processed, reducing the need for home office personnel to answer their questions. Plus, Docupace can be accessed securely from any device.

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