Compensation Management

The Easily Customizable, Rules-Based Solution for Financial Reporting

Create up-to-the-minute, accurate financial reports with financial summaries that can be created on an unlimited number of hierarchical levels.

No more manual calculations.

Even if your firm has the most gnarly, complex payout plans, Compensation by Docupace, can handle it. Easily customized and rules-based, you can automate payouts based on sales, products, splits, and more. No matter what your producers are selling or how they are paid, you are in control.

Up-To-The-Minute, Accurate, Rules-Based Compensation Reporting Solution

With Compensation from Docupace, your back office can delight in the flexibility and range of calculation options regardless of how complex your payment structure may be. Let our powerful array of reporting tools help your firm understand payout trends, types of products you sell, and more.

Rules-based reporting made simple.

Say goodbye to manual reporting.

No matter how complex your payment structure, easily customize rules-based reporting to deliver the most up-to-the-minute, accurate financial reporting.

Automate complex payments.

Base payout customizations on sales, products, splits, and more. Even factor in intricacies such as adjustments, carry forwards, ticket charges, and multiple execution orders.

Enable anytime, easy reporting.

Authorized personnel can create, edit, and share payout calculation reports at any time. Plus, advisors can see their historical and current payout statements through our interactive, self-serve portal.

Ready to gain confidence in compensation?

Ready to gain confidence in compensation?