Client Onboarding

The Comprehensive Paperless Client Onboarding Solution for Wealth Management

Use a single platform to process all lines of business with a streamlined universal account opening and maintenance process.

Stop the paperwork pileup.

Opening and maintaining accounts requires filling out a lot of paperwork with a ton of repeated information. It’s a lengthy process, and every error makes it even longer. What if you could eliminate errors and delays from your new business workflows? 

A Cloud-Based, SEC- and FINRA-Compliant, Straight-Through Processing Solution

With Docupace, you can shrink processing times from days to minutes and significantly reduce NIGO submissions. All the forms you need are preloaded in the Docupace Platform. Pull in client data from your CRM or just start typing, then watch as that information automatically populates across all relevant forms. Meanwhile, Docupace scans everything for errors and inconsistencies. Sign the documents electronically, and you’re ready for submission.

There’s power in paperless.

Submit paperwork correctly the first time.

Docupace automatically pulls the correct forms in the correct order and checks for compliance errors, dramatically reducing NIGO rates.

Work at the speed of paperless.

With electronic processing, new account paperwork can be electronically signed, recorded, processed, confirmed, tracked, and transmitted — all within minutes.

Make more time for what matters.

Advisors have more important work to do than filling out repetitive forms and chasing down signatures. Reduce manual processes and give advisors more time to serve their clients.

How much could straight-through processing save your firm?

Ready to bring on more advisors?

Get in touch with our expert team to learn how to get started.

Ready to bring on more advisors?

Get in touch with our expert team to learn how to get started.