Docupace Compliance Trackr

Compliant Digital Disclosure Delivery & Storage

Simplify complex client disclosure requirements with automated delivery of Form CRS (Reg BI), Form ADV, and DOL Rule disclosures.

There's power in paperless.

Reduce disclosure processes by 65%.

End-to-end digital delivery and automation enables advisors to spend less time on paperwork and more time with clients.

Achieve compliance with confidence.

Compliance TRACKR simplifies Reg BI (Form CRS), Form ADV and DOL Rule requirements.

Save $7.75 per disclosure delivered electronically.

Digital-first, mail-second process cuts costs associated with data entry, printing, mailing, faxing and filing records.

Compliance TRACKR saves financial advisors time, money and effort while keeping them in compliance with burdensome disclosure requirements.

The Compliance TRACKR from Docupace delivers end-to-end processing, tracking, storage and audit functionality to meet all current disclosure requirements with a “digital first” mindset.

  • Fully digitize Reg BI (Form CRS), Form ADV and DOL Rule disclosure experience through automated workflows and CRM integration
  • Store records in a FINRA/SEC compliant (17a-3 and 17a-4) and hyper-secure digital vault
  • Audit trail and real-time reporting capabilities on demand
  • Proprietary “digital first, analog second” client attestation process ensures time stamped delivery of disclosures

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