Best Interest Recommendations

InvestorCOM’s innovative suite of FinTech solutions was developed in response to increasing regulation and the demand for more effective communication and disclosure from the financial services industry. Our compliance platform satisfies the principles set out by regulators and supports the key categories of disclosure and record-keeping, advisor and process oversight, and investment product selection and monitoring.

Our high-value, intuitive solutions eliminate compliance risk for our clients and foster better financial decisions. For more information, visit


Docupace has partnered with InvestorCOM to help you meet the demands of Reg BI’s Care Obligation and the DOL’s PTE 2020-02. InvestorCOM’s best interest recommendations analysis capability is seamlessly imported into the Docupace platform and auto-indexed to the client folder.

Integration Benefits:

  • InvestorCOM PeerCompare is integrated with Docupace to:
    • Eliminate manual uploading and indexing of recommendation analysis.
  • Increases advisor efficiency by:
    • Automating the creation or matching on clients within Docupace.
    • Automating the record-keeping of all InvestorCOM recommendations disclosure PDFs within Docupace.
Non-standard integration fees may apply. Please contact us for more information.