ON DEMAND: Simplifying Reg BI Compliance

It’s inevitable that Reg BI will inject a little chaos into the day-to-day operations of the wealth management industry. However, by choosing to meet its challenges with paperless solutions, your firm can ensure compliance, reduce headaches, and most importantly save money in the long run.

In this webinar: Simplifying Reg BI Compliance, we share our thoughts on how choosing a paperless compliance solution now will help you prepare for Reg BI and walk-thru a demo of our new Reg BI solution.

Michael Pinsker- Founder & Chairman Docupace
Michael founded Docupace in 2002 with the goal of bringing a SaaS workflow and document management platform to the market. Michael has continued to enhance his technical knowledge and has been awarded certifications from Microsoft and Cisco. Michael is passionate about cybersecurity, having received certifications from the American Board of Certification in Home Security (ABCHS).

Richard Thoeny- VP, Product Management Docupace
Richard’s career spans 25+ years all within financial services either running and managing brokerage and clearing firms or developing products for financial services. Prior to joining Docupace as Vice President of Product Management in 2014, Mr. Thoeny held positions including SVP of Product Management at Fetter Logic; SVP of Operations for COR Clearing; VP of Product Management with Talisys Software Systems and co-founded HybridTrading, a financial services firm specializing in both discount brokerage and advisory services.

Simplifying Reg BI Compliance

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