Maher Financial Group


Zarefa Marini is an Administrative Assistant supporting James P. Maher, JD, CSSC, of Maher Financial Group in Farmington Hills, Michigan. As a member of a team of two, Zarefa is responsible for opening all new accounts, transferring accounts, and making sure all paperwork in the client folder is processed.

Zarefa and James became familiar with Docupace when they decided to transfer Broker-Dealers to Concorde Investment.



Zarefa Marini had been working with a disjointed process for years, similar to most others in her role. After being handed a client folder, Zarefa would enter the information into their system, scan the documents, and then upload all the paperwork into a shared drive with their Broker-Dealer.

Since the upload did not trigger an alert or notice, she would then need to notify her contact at the Broker-Dealer via email that she had added a new document for processing. “Everything we needed to do required multiple, back and forth communications, whether it was on the phone or through email,” explained Zarefa. “It could take up to 48 hours to process a work item.”

Everything is now scanned, safely filed, and easy to access with no paper.”

Zarefa Marini



Within a few weeks Zarefa had implemented their new Docupace process. “Now when I am handed a client folder, I scan the documents, upload them into the system, label everything, and send them off for review,” explained Zarefa. “Everything is done in one shared space between myself and the Broker-Dealer.”

“I no longer have to worry, ‘Did they get it?’, ‘Are they looking at it today?’, ‘Am I going to have an answer?” stated Zarefa. “I know that it was sent, they got it, and I can move onto the next client.”

Zarefa has also eliminated the need to create a paper file for each client.

“Before I would keep hard copies here, just because I couldn’t see what we submitted on the Broker-Dealer side,” stated Zarefa. “Now I can go into Docupace, access our digital client file and see it all.”

Zarefa Marini


Benefits for Zarefa

  • Increased efficiency with submittal process
  • New business is processed same day
  • Increased visibility into the entire process
  • Increased ease of communication with the Broker-Dealer
  • No need to maintain paper client folders


Benefits for Concorde:

  • Paperwork with sensitive customer PII is securely transmitted and stored.
  • Processing is more efficient, saving hours and ensuring items are routed correctly.
  • Back-office staff are able to communicate more efficiently with field staff members.


Benefits for Clients:

  • Accounts are set up using a highly secure, efficient process.
  • Processing questions can be answered quickly.