National Back Office Heroes Day

April 27

What defines a back office hero? A back office hero is the person who ensures that the behind the scenes work is taken care of so others can focus on helping clients. They are the backbone to wealth management firms, and without them, they wouldn’t be able to do what they do. 

At Docupace, we know just how hard those working behind the scenes in the financial industry work to support financial advisors and wealth management providers. Join us as we celebrate the second annual National Back Office Heroes Day presented by Docupace, on April 27, and announce the 2023 Back Office Heroes Award recipients.

Celebrating #backofficeheroes across America

Back Office Heroes Awards

Each year Docupace recognizes the hard work led and executed by back office staff across the country. Nominations for #backofficeheroes are accepted on an annual basis and are evaluated on specific criteria. If you or someone you know hold the values defined below, one of these awards is meant for you.


You work behind the scenes navigating countless systems, vendors, and people to remove obstacles for your financial advisors and wealth managers.


You’re the go-to person to get the job done and know the ins and outs of the operation offering dependability and consistency when advisors need support.


You know just how much families depend on a strong financial plan to ensure opportunities for future generations and dedicate your life to helping them succeed in this.


You’ve mastered the art of using technology to automate arduous tasks and streamline complex processes so you can focus more on doing what matters most. ​

Back Office Heroes Award Categories

Three award categories make up the Back Office Heroes Awards

Home Office Hero

This award is dedicated to a support staff hero that works at a home office of a Docupace customer. They work behind the scenes to navigate the Docupace Platform while coaching others to remove obstacles in achieving back office operational excellence.

Firm Hero

This award is dedicated to an operational hero in the field who works in the back-office at a firm. These individuals are face-to-face with clients, leveraging technology to streamline processes that improve the financial planning experience for everyone.

Employee Hero

This special award is dedicated to a Docupace employee. As an employee, this hero is the go-to person to get the job done and knows the ins and outs of the Docupace Platform, offering dependability, consistency, and support to Docupace clients.

How to Enter

Back Office Hero award entries are eligible for self-nomination or nomination of a colleague. Docupace will review submissions and select one winner for each of the three categories: home office hero, firm hero, and employee hero.

Nominate a Hero

Docupace Virtual Celebration

The 2023 Back Office Heroes award winners will be announced via a virtual celebration on April 27, 2023.

Learn More About the
2022 Back Office Hero Award Recipients

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