Manage Reg BI disclosures from a
centralized, secure cloud-based platform.

Our comprehensive paperless solution makes Reg BI compliance easier for broker-dealers and advisors. Wealth management firms can now use Docupace to reduce Reg BI-related headaches and save money while staying 100% compliant.

  • Convert Form CRS and other disclosures into true digital workflows
  • Store records in a hyper-secure 17a-3 and 17a-4 compliant digital cloud vault
  • Maintain a full audit trail and reporting capabilities
  • Leverage true cloud-based WORM storage
  • Auto-mail disclosures if investors don’t view them electronically
Make time for what matters.

With electronic delivery and workflow automation, advisors can spend less time on paperwork and get back to their clients.

Achieve compliance with confidence.

Our Reg BI disclosure solutions comply with all relevant FINRA and SEC regulations.

Reduce compliance-related expenses.

Minimize the costs associated with printing, mailing, faxing, filing, records maintenance, and data entry.

Ready to streamline your Reg BI compliance?

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